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Lying on Your CV? 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t!

Lying on Your CV? 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t!

It just really isn’t worth lying on your CV.

I’ve just read a report stating that a third of employers don’t check the qualifications written on a CV. I find that surprising and also a poor decision to report on something like that.
Just because some employers don’t check doesn’t mean you should opt for it.

First of all, I want to remind you that lying on your CV can be considered fraud.

Do you want to risk the criminal record? That’s going to make it difficult to get jobs in the future.

Second of all, according to coursework writing service , two thirds of employers still check. Are you willing to risk getting caught in your act of fraud?

Lying on your CV does much more than run the risk of jail.

You Show You’re Not Trustworthy

Once you have a criminal record, future employers will want to know why you were arrested. By stating that you lied on your CV, you’re showing that you’re untrustworthy.

Why should a future employer trust you with anything else in the future? This is especially if you’re going for a position that does anything with money, training or managing staff or looking after vulnerable children and adults.

As soon as people see that, they view you as a liar in everything that you do. It’s not just employers, but everyone you know will question whether you’re defrauding them too.

Even if you’re not charged with anything, you show the employer you lied to that you’re not trustworthy. He could talk to many others within your chosen industry and you end up damaging your reputation.

Expectations Will Be Higher

Most people lie by embellishing their grades. You may say you got a 2:1 instead of a 2:2 at university or that you got a B instead of a C at GCSE.

By saying all this, employers will expect more from you. They’ll expect you to be able to handle the standards that they expect of all their employees with the same grades. Can you actually handle all that?

Some people lie about getting qualifications just to get a job. Do you really want to have to learn how to do everything on the job? Eventually, your employer is going to realize that you have no idea about how to do something and then you’re stuck! It goes back to the previous point by showing that you’re not trustworthy.

Just because your grades are lower than the next person getting an interview doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be hired. I had the lowest grades out of all when going for a graduate placement and got the position because I had other qualities that the employer could benefit from.

You Need to Keep Up With the Lie

Changing a small part on the CV seems harmless but think about the lie that you then have to keep up. You’ll have to tell everyone the exact same information or you’ll get caught out.

Did you know that it’s almost impossible to keep a lie straight? You end up embellishing new details at some point but forget who you told what to. Do you really want to deal with that?

Just because a third of employers don’t check your qualifications on your CV doesn’t mean you should lie. Lying is wrong and it makes you look bad when (not if) you are caught. Go in with honesty and use your other qualities to prove why you should be the one to get the job.

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